Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Civic

how to reset oil life on honda civic

As a accountable Honda Civic proprietor, it’s important to observe your automotive’s oil life and assure it’s usually maintained. Resetting the oil life indicator is a crucial course of after an oil change or repairs service. By doing so, you might assure your automotive runs simply and successfully, and you’ll steer clear of potential engine hurt introduced on by driving with outdated or contaminated oil.

On this data, we’ll make clear one of the simplest ways to reset the oil life in your Honda Civic. You might be taught to discover the oil life indicator, the oil life reset button, and the actual steps to adjust to to reset the oil life. Observe these steps rigorously, and you may maintain your Honda Civic’s optimum effectivity and longevity.

So, let’s get started on one of the simplest ways to reset the oil life in your Honda Civic.

Understanding the Oil Life Indicator

The oil life indicator is a perform in Honda Civic autos that calculates the proportion of remaining oil life based totally on driving circumstances and maintenance data. This perform is designed to help drivers assure their autos are working at optimum effectivity by indicating when an oil change is necessary.

The oil life indicator takes into account quite a few parts equal to engine temperature, time elapsed given that remaining oil change, and the number of engine begins and stops whereas driving. It considers all of these variables to supply an appropriate estimate of how so much life is left inside the engine oil and when it’s time to change it.

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The oil life indicator is positioned on the automotive’s dashboard and is displayed as a share. When the indicator reaches 15% or lower, it’s time to change the oil. It is important to not wait until the indicator reaches 0%, as this will lead to engine hurt or failure.

Whereas the oil life indicator is an excellent instrument for monitoring the scenario of your engine oil, it’s mandatory to know that it is not another to widespread repairs. Common oil modifications, as advisable inside the automotive’s proprietor’s information, isn’t going to solely preserve the engine working simply however moreover lengthen its lifespan.

Finding the Oil Life Reset Button

Finding the oil life reset button in your Honda Civic might seem daunting at first, but it surely certainly’s actually pretty simple. In most Honda Civic fashions, the button is positioned on the instrument panel, beneath the tachometer and speedometer gauges. It is a small button that is marked “SEL/RESET.”

Should you are having problem discovering the button, search the recommendation of your Honda Civic proprietor’s information for explicit instructions and illustrations. It can also be mandatory to discover that the scenario of the button may vary relying on the model yr and trim stage of your automotive.

As quickly as you’ve got bought positioned the SEL/RESET button, you’re able to reset your oil life indicator and preserve your Honda Civic working simply.

Resetting the Oil Life on Honda Civic

After getting acknowledged the scenario of the oil life reset button, adjust to these simple steps to reset the indicator.

  1. Activate the ignition to run, nevertheless do not start the engine.
  2. Press the “Menu” button on the steering wheel until you attain the “Car Settings” menu.
  3. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to scroll by the settings until you attain “Upkeep Information.”
  4. Press and preserve the “Enter” button until the oil life indicator flashes.
  5. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to decide “Reset” after which press the “Enter” button to substantiate.
  6. A message will appear on the show indicating that the oil life has been reset.
  7. Flip off the ignition.
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It is important to discover that the oil life indicator wants to be reset after every oil change to guarantee that it exactly shows the remaining oil life. Repeatedly monitoring and resetting the oil life indicator can help lengthen the lifetime of your engine and assure optimum automotive effectivity.


Resetting the oil life indicator in your Honda Civic is a crucial step in sustaining optimum automotive effectivity. By usually resetting the indicator, you probably can guarantee that your oil is modified on the relevant time, which helps forestall engine hurt and prolongs the lifetime of your automotive.

To reset the oil life in your Honda Civic, discover the oil life reset button and adjust to the actual steps outlined on this data. It is important to discover that utterly completely different Honda Civic fashions may have barely utterly completely different procedures, so ensure to search the recommendation of your proprietor’s information when you might have any questions or points.

Keep in thoughts, defending your oil life indicator up-to-date is just one aspect of routine automotive repairs. Common oil modifications, tire rotations, and completely different repairs duties can help forestall costly repairs down the freeway. By taking excellent care of your Honda Civic, you probably can take pleasure in reliable effectivity and peace of ideas for years to come again.

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